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Martine Care


Martine brings over 15 years of experience in government and industrial relations law to our team. Her career began at Preston Law before taking on roles at Cairns Regional Council, where she navigated complex property and human resources issues. This hands-on experience has equipped her with a unique understanding of the challenges local governments face, and the skills to deliver quick, favourable, and cost-effective legal solutions.

Martine combines her legal expertise with a practical approach to managing day-to-day employee relations. Her ability to provide clear, actionable advice and her hands-on experience with local governments make her an invaluable asset to our team.

Background and Expertise

Martine’s extensive background spans multiple disciplines and sectors:

  • Industrial Relations Law: With more than a decade dedicated to this field, Martine has become a trusted advisor for councils on employee and industrial relations matters.
  • Local Government Experience: Her roles as a property officer and HR officer at Cairns Regional Council gave her first-hand insight into the operational intricacies of local governments.
  • Workplace Investigations and Compliance: Martine is adept at conducting thorough workplace investigations, advising on complex contractual issues, and ensuring compliance with local government regulations.
  • Indigenous Matters: She has considerable experience managing Indigenous matters, assisting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander councils with leasing, land management, and council meetings.

Key Contributions

Martine’s notable achievements include:

  • Sensitive Employment Matters: Providing urgent advice on sensitive employment and Crime and Corruption matters, including managing investigations and compliance obligations.
  • Disciplinary Processes: Preparing advice and documentation to ensure compliance with the Local Government Act 2009 and Local Government Regulation 2012.
  • Workplace Investigations: Conducting workplace investigations and preparing unbiased reports with actionable recommendations.
  • Representation: Appearing in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, Queensland Human Rights Commission, and the Australian Human Rights Commission on various matters including reinstatement applications, industrial disputes, and harassment issues.
  • Leases and Licences: Preparing leases, licenses, and management agreements for councils.
  • Tender Management: Drafting tender documents for council facilities and coordinating the tender process.
  • Governance and Contracting: Providing advice on governance matters and contracting procedures under the Local Government Act 2009 and Local Government Regulation 2012.

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