Unfair Dismissal & Adverse Action

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Unfair Dismissal & Adverse Action

Unfair dismissal and adverse action claims can be detrimental to a business, not only in terms of its reputation but costing unnecessary amounts of management time and money.

Due to the complex nature of unfair dismissal and adverse action claims –  some employees are covered by the national workplace relations system, while others have recourse to State laws – experienced advisors are often required to help navigate this challenge for organisations.  

Organisations must ensure they have the right processes in place to avoid claims, or if one does arise, to deal with it efficiently and effectively.  

Preventing a claim

Cairns Employment Lawyers can offer strategic advice on reducing the risks of unfair dismissal and adverse action claims. This includes implementing policies and procedures that address any potential issues before they become a problem for your business. 

If you’re facing a claim

Unfortunately, employers generally only learn that they are involved in an unfair dismissal matter only when they receive a copy of the dismissed employee’s application. This comes as a complete shock.  

Cairns Employment Lawyers have a deep understanding of the complexities of unfair dismissal and adverse action and can help our clients defend these claims quickly and efficiently by providing practicaladvice and solutions relating to unfair, unlawful and wrongful termination of employment.

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