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Workplace Investigations

Most of our time is spent at work, and sometimes grievances can arise from disagreements or misunderstandings amongst employees. As a business owner, managing these grievances can be challenging, particularly in small or medium businesses where you see your staff every day. 

A workplace investigation is often required if you are unable to resolve a grievance in an informal way, and therefore, it must be conducted lawfully and in accordance with your policies and procedures.

Well-conducted workplace investigations are crucial to the successful resolution of a complaint or the defence of a legal claim against your business.  

How we can help 

Cairns Employment Lawyers can provide a broad range of services to your business when you are dealing with investigations including:

  • providing general advice;
  • undertaking the investigation;
  • help present allegations to employees;
  • provide recommendations to you following an investigation

Generally, the purpose of an investigation is to look into the circumstances of the matter, work out what has occurred and make a finding of fact in relation to conduct.

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