Wage Disputes

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Wage Disputes

Are you paying your employees properly?

All employees are entitled to get the minimum rate of pay which, in most cases, is found in awards and enterprise agreements.

These agreements set minimum rates for:

  • ordinary hours of work;
  • overtime;
  • penalty rates (including for weekend and public holiday work);
  • allowances; and
  • casual rates.

Annual Wage Increases

Each year, both the Fair Work Commission and The Queensland Industrial Relations Commission undertake an annual wage review and increase the minimum wage each year. For employers under the Fair Work system, these increases come into effect on 1 July each year.

What happens if I am underpaying my staff?

We understand that it’s difficult to stay on top of all of the requirements under the Fair Work Act and that from time to time, employers make errors. It is essential, however, that you review your pay rates annually to ensure that they comply with the relevant agreement.

Employers can face significant penalties for underpaying staff, and employers deliberately engaging in wage theft can face imprisonment.

We appreciate that often underpayments can often be a miscalculation or payroll error. This is where our employment lawyers are here to help.

What do I do if I think I may be underpaying staff?

Cairns Employment Lawyers can assist you in working out what your staff have been paid, what they should have been paid, and whether there is an underpayment. We can also help you talk to your staff and help you implement processes to ensure that these issues are managed in the future.

If you’re thinking you are underpaying your staff, speak with one of our employment lawyers today. 

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