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As an employer, it can be challenging to manage staff and find the right employee for executive jobs.This is more challenging when you are a Cairns employer in a regional centre.

Once you have found the right employee, employers have often relied upon their executive staff to undertake a lot of work and, as a Cairns employer, you have lots of things that take your time away from your staff.

Sometimes Employment Contracts are not signed and more often then not Employment Contracts are forgotten about.

It is important that as a Cairns employer you continue to manage all employee contracts and ensure that you are meeting any timeframes that are outlined in the Employment Contract.

Performance Reviews

It is often in a contract of employment, particularly for executive or senior managers, that performance reviews must be undertaken every twelve months.Often in the Employment Contract there are provisions which specify how performance reviews are to be undertaken.This might include having key performance indicators that are to be negotiated each year with the employee.As time gets away it is common that employers forget to undertake performance reviews in the timeframes outlined in the Employment Contract.It is also easy to forget the processes that must be followed according to the employment contract.

Generally this is not a problem when you have a good working relationship between the employer and the employee however it can become problematic if there is a breakdown of relationship between the parties throughout the employment.

Employers who have not complied with the obligations under the Employment Contract could be found to be in breach of the Employment Contract.This can result in nasty disputes with employees and can cost employers unnecessary costs having to resolve any employment disputes.It is important that good management practices are undertaken but in addition it is important to ensure that the appropriate Employment Contracts have been prepared for your business that make it easy for you to manage your staff without the risk of employment breaches occurring.

It is appropriate for individual business to have specific employment contracts to ensure the contract relates specifically to their business.

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