6 Things To Check Are Included In Your Employment Contract

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For most people, starting a new job is a very exciting time.It’s a chance for a fresh start, to work with new people and to learn something new.However, this excitement can quickly turn sour when promises made by your new employer during the interview and hiring stage do not eventuate.This can be avoided by carefully checking your employment contract to make sure that your employer has not intentionally or recklessly mislead you in the interview.Anything promised in the interview should be clearly documented in your contract. An employment contract is an important document that details the terms and conditions of employment. Once made, the terms of the employment contract can only be varied by agreement between the employer and the employee.

To avoid any nasty surprises, carefully check for these 6 key points in your employment contract:

1.Your work hours

The hours you work are an important part of your position. Make sure you are clear about the hours you are required to work as well as any requirements for overtime.This should be clearly set out in your contract so check this before signing.

2.Your position description

Your position description is important because it defines the scope of what your role in the business is. You should check that the position adequately reflects the role you are applying for and does not look to impose added responsibilities that you do not have experience or qualifications for.

3.Salary, benefits, and bonuses

Carefully check your contract to ensure it reflects what was in your offer letter.Any bonuses should be included in the contract as well as conditions for receiving these bonuses

4.Whether your position is casual, part time or full time

5.Your classification under any relevant award or enterprise agreement

Many employees are covered by either an award or an enterprise agreement (depending on their industry and occupation).This should be included in your employment contract. 

6.The notice period required to terminate the contract.

Make sure this is clearly included in your employment contract to avoid any possible misunderstandings should things not work out down the track. 

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